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DemLabs Power 2.0

  • San Francisco, CA (map)

Building on the early March conference, this second meeting will have more workshopping on key focus areas and more time for interaction. That means fewer presentations but more action in the half-dozen DemLabs focus areas noted below.


Progressives and Democrats have lost their advantages in technology and find themselves with historically low political power. Whether reaching out to marginalized Americans or winning elections again, we must create more innovative long-term tech and storytelling infrastructure.


Democracy Labs (DemLabs) is a hub for long-term technology & storytelling infrastructure that serves progressives & Democrats.


  • Leverage Dollars & Talent
  • Provide a Hub for Collaboration Between Techies, Creatives, and Politicos
  • Offer a Clearinghouse for Innovation & Best Practices
  • Make Tech Tools Available for Every Level – National, State, and Local
  • Avoid Duplication of Efforts or Recreation of the Wheel


  • Identify, Connect, Convene, Develop, Share, & Sustain
  • DemLabs sparks action where the best technology can improve results: Data & Polling, Digital Tools for Organizing, Legal Action & Defense, Storytelling Skills, Cybersecurity, and Distributed Online Training


Phase I

  • Define the Needs & Challenges
  • Identify Possible Tech Solutions
  • Identify Stakeholders (Ecosystem)
  • Convene Politics + Tech + Creatives

Phase II

  • Collaboration & Workshops
  • Proofs of Concept
  • Navigation for Donors, Stakeholders, Leaders

Phase III

  • Workshops
  • Pilots
  • Seed Funding